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Damon Runyon 5k Yankee Stadium August 12, 2012

This event is the perfect storm so to speak. I saw this cause related fitness event advertised in my local subway station. I learn a lot about what is on in NYC by taking subways and buses.

In May I had planned to do a Psoriasis walk in memory of my mother and to explore the NY Botanical Gardens before opening time. Unfortunately, I broke my wrist two days before and was not in any condition to do the walk.

One thing I miss from my years on the double decker buses is the exercise from climbing 40 flights of stairs a day.  I have not been inside the new Yankee Stadium so I don't know what the seating is like (I say nothing when people ask on Trip Advisor or Fodors). After 2 months of restricted activity, I need a goal to get back into shape so....

The Damon Runyon 5k walk to raise funds for cancer research is the perfect goal for me. I am walking in memory of my mother who died from lung cancer and I am walking in honor of my father. The first musical play I saw in community theatre was Guys and Dolls (the movie is casting is fun but strange) based on a book of short stories by Damon Runyon. My father played the gambler Big Julie 3 times over the years. My brother played him once and I missed my chance to do Big Juliet because I was abroad when my university did it.

So if you want to walk or run the 5k go to the link above. If you want to support my run, raising a little money is part of the deal, here is a link to my entrant page.

If any of you do the event, perhaps we can go out for a drink afterwards or visit the Bronx Museum of the Arts or (I don't think I'll be in condition to do it) the amazing Woodlawn Cemetery.



Padezco psoriasis por 6 meses y testado toda clase de m├ętodos
de tratamiento sin mucho acierto

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