Summer 2012-3-Beer Here
Damon Runyon 5k Yankee Stadium August 12, 2012

Summer 2012-4 Time Flies

Or you can watch time go by really really slowly at the return of the FREE The Clock exhibit at the Lincoln Center Atrium from July 13 to August 1. While you are at the Atrium enjoy food from Wishcraft, check out the Lincoln Center half price day of booth, order advance tickets for anything in Lincoln Center, take a Lincoln Center tour and enjoy the free concerts on Thurs evenings.

Japanalia, the place where I get my funky clothes is having their annual trunk show sale at the Holiday in on 57th July 19-21st.

The Giglio festival starts tomorrow July 7th in Williamsburg.

Restaurant week starts on July 16th.

It's hot -- stay cool in air conditioned movies, museums, and theatres.

Manhattanhenge is coming around again July 11 and 12th! There will be a special lecture at the Museum of the City of NY at 5 on Thursday July 12th

More soon! 





Thanks to Georgia at Trip Advisor, here's a link to the Mt Carmel events on Staten Island. I am thinking that a trip to a favorite of mine, the Alice Austin house, on Friday the 13th followed by the concert at Mt Carmel might be a great day. http://ourladyofmountcarmelshrineofrosebank.com/3.html
I'm working the day of the Raritan Bay festival but it would have been the perfect excuse to finally get me to the Conference House!


The lecture at museum of the City of New York was great tonight. In addition to the announced speakers, Neil DeGrasse Tyson - the man who identified and named Manhattanhenge showed up as a special guest. He told a story of being on the bridge at Tudor City to watch sunset when an older woman said "move over sonny I can't see". He graciously moved and refrained from telling her that he was the reason she was here. It reminded me of the following clip from one of my favorite movies - Yankee Doodle Dandy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1rkzUIL8oc

It also reminded me of a Pete Seeger story from this blog -- http://thestarryeye.typepad.com/explorenyc/2011/03/the-great-saunter-may-1-2010-shorewalkers.html All of them - gracious men.

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