The NYC Black History Month tour might be over for 2013 but...
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Commemoration - March 2013

Metropolitan Museum of Art - spring 2013

MetfrontSo many exhibits and so little time. I just want to mention 3 that will be very popular this spring.

Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity just opened. Before you enter, there is a quote from Manet that I will paraphrase. He said that when painting women (my addition...with their clothes on) they should be dressed in the most up-to-date fashion. Seriously, when the Met takes costumes out of the closet and displays them with relevant art, the results are always, fun, educational and exciting.

I said to a guard that this exhibit will draw great crowds when word gets out. She said it will be really crazy when both this exhibit and the upcoming Punk exhibit are on together and near each other in May.

Metback-1While looking for links, I discovered the Street exhibit that is opening tomorrow. Must see it soon. Met membership has its rewards.

If you are visiting, remember that the Met opens at 9:30. That is my favorite time to visit.



Tom Orzo

Thanks for the heads-up, Starry Eye - I like the Manet quote. Love the little, original, blue ink descriptive paragraph about the Met and its expansion buildings, and its emergence as a "global" institution under the direction of J.P.Morgan. Finally, the link to the film "Street" is quite interesting. Thanks for the updates!


Thanks Tom Orzo. The description is from the back of the Post Card. One of my many Vintage Cards of NYC. For other readers, Tom Orzo is a pretty amazing tour guide especially if you are looking for a tour in a private vehicle.

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