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Hello My Name Is....

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Hello My Name Is...

 I recently had a work assignment in midtown that finished at 5 and a friend who would be able to join me after 6.

This was the perfect time to try the Book of Mormon Lottery for the very first time. (Plan B was to see Citizen Kane at MOMA for free).

I arrived at 5:25 and placed my name in the drawing bin by 5:35. Then I headed across the street for a wine spritzer and to check email at E&E's Grillhouse across the street (Great restaurant by the way but it deserves more time than we would be able to give it before the show).

At 5:55, I headed back across the street and was shocked and amazed when my name was the 2nd one called. By 6:10 I purchased my tickets and headed down 8th Avenue to meet my friend at Kodama Sushi, a good local Japanese place nearby.

By 7:50 we were settled in our front row center. This my chance to finally discover why it won all those Tony Awards. After the Tonys, I downloaded the album and shuffled the songs along with everything else on my IPod. The melodies were hummable and the lyrics were funny but since I never listened to the songs in order, I was pretty clueless about how they all fit together. Not for long...

Cast, costumes, dancing, music, scenery and yes plot were a joy to watch so up close and personal. And, while Book of Mormon is not my favorite musical of all times I am sure it will be the favorite of the generation that watches South Park ( I WILL watch South Park for the first time in the very near future). I did love that the  authors did a fabulous job of paying homage to so many great musicals of the past. My favorite was the riff on The Small House of Uncle Thomas in King and I.

The Book of Mormon deserves a large section in the sequel to Our Musicals Our Selves if that sequel is ever written.

Sorry, I have no advice on how to win the lottery. I was just really really lucky.


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