Museum Mile Festival June 11, 2013 - and Upper Central Park - and
Manahatta - Inside the Post Office - June 2013

Line Standing re visited June 2013

I first discussed crowds, lines, and wait times over three years ago. It is time to revisit this subject this month.

Shakespeare in the Park, New York's favorite line standing event started earlier than usual this year and has some minor changes to the rules that you should be aware of. I joined the line for the second preview at 10 to 12 and had no problem getting tickets and a minimal wait. I was in the Park early the following Saturday and by 9AM the line was long and well established. 

Also, each production is being condensed into 90 minutes without intermission. I'm not sure what they cut from Comedy of Errors but they managed to have plenty of time for the great swing dancers that flowed in and out of the action. Maybe it was a subtle reminder that Midsummernight Swing at Lincoln Center starts before the end of the month and the craft fairs will be at Lincoln Center for the next 2 weekends.

As I recently noted, the 40 minutes  spent for the Book of Mormon lottery was lots of fun and I won. If you don't win, make sure you have a plan B for the rest of the evening.

You all know that I am a fan of membership at MOMA and I did a fair amount of line standing for The Clock but membership doesn't give you much of an edge for this month's Rain Room exhibit. I've been there, done that so you don't have to unless you really love lines.

I arrived at 10:15 so I was in a members only line for over an hour (in a bit of rain I might add) and then a good half hour inside watching others in the rain before being allowed to walk in the rain room where it doesn't rain on you (except in the area that doesn't work). It is probably a good photographer's dream. For the rest of us, it reminded my of the scene in Field of Dreams where James Earl Jones pokes the corn field before following the ball players in. Everyone is tentative on the way in and then they really enjoy it. Here are some not so great pictures.

IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0465


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