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Metropolitan Museum of Art and Kids

Over 20 years ago, when youngest niece was still in pre-school, I bought her (and some other friends' children) a book of songs published by the Met and illustrated by the collection called In and Out the Window. I wanted to show her the pictures in the book on the walls of the museum. I wrote to the then head of the Met,  Philippe de Montebello, and was told that I would have to ask the department curators individually. 


Now many of the holdings of the Met can be researched on line. If the items are on view, gallery numbers are usually noted. (I expect to find more of them once the new Asian galleries re open). So, I decided to plan a first look at the Met for my 6 and 8 year old GREAT nephew and niece using a couple of beautiful books that they have outgrown from a reading point of view: The Met ABC and 123 Books. You can shop on line at the Met Museum website or visit the gift shops or add them to an Amazon shopping spree.

A Guide Named Sue (that's me) is slowly going public (real website to come). My tours will be customized for individuals and small groups. One of the first tours I am offering is a family (or families) friendly tour of the Met. You can get more information and sign up at the AnyRoad website. During our inaugural tour, we stopped to look at lots of other interesting things in the Met including the original front of the building which is also visible in my vintage postcard above.

I am not the only one who thinks children's books are a great way to introduce kids to museums. While I was planning the first run through of my Met tour my nephew (in-law) sent me this great article on the subject from Mommy Poppins.

Here is my GREAT nephew's review of the tour from my niece "Charlie said it was the best trip to a museum ever! Auntie Mame did an awesome job organizing and planning for the scavenger hunt!"

Here are a few pictures:

943252_10201428950790270_114231885_n 17483_10201428951990300_1262066115_n 179717_10201428952750319_1555425530_n


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