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Summer Streets 2013 - August 3, 10, 17

The Lone Ranger - Summer 2013

To beat the heat today, I went to see The Lone Ranger at my favorite theater - The Ziegfeld . I normally don't see films with spurious violence but I was curious. Several years ago, I dropped into the Paley Media Center (formerly known as The Museum of Television and Radio) and saw the Lone Ranger First Episode by accident. It is a hoot. The strangest or perhaps not so strange part is the explanation of why Butch Cavendish wears a cowboy hat and a feather. I won't spoil it for you but I will note that the current version maintains the feather but is too politically correct to explain it.  If you like or hate the movie, stop into the Paley Center and see the first episode.

I hope that some day the folks in the FB Forgotten Musicals group will make a musical of the Lone Ranger. After the current film treatment, anything is possible. NOTE to Forgotten Musicals, while wandering around the Paley Site I discovered that next weekend, July 13 and 14th, the Center will be showing TV versions of Musicals written by Richard Adler. I am going to try to make Damn Yankees and/or Our Town. The casts are great.

I sometimes wonder why we can't spend all that time and money solving real problems instead of making movies. However, when I stayed to the end of this one I realized that a good sized army of people were gainfully employed making sure that no animals (and presumably no people) were harmed in the making of this movie.

Johnny Depp was amazing as Tonto!



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