Thanksgivukkah Eve November 27, 2013
United Palace of Cultural Arts - Casablanca

Remembrances of 5POINTZ

Thanks to calls for a rally from tourguide friends, I made a quick journey to 5POINTZ over the weekend. I did not know that the physical art would be whitewashed away early Tuesday morning. Street Art will continue but 5POINTZ as it was is now a memory documented by photos and videos all over the real and cyber universe. Before I post my own iphone observations, here are some links to the pictures taken by  a couple of friends who are better photographers than I am.  

Charlene Weisler (who convinced me to start writing my blog).

Hans Von Rittern (I will link to whatever post he writes about this as a comment soon but in the meantime...) this image from The New York Times says it all.

There are so many more of you out there (Andrea Coyle and Ibrahima Diallo for starters). Feel free to add links to your photos of 5pointz as comments.

IMG_0702  IMG_0703IMG_0704


Hans Von Ritttern

I am touched by this, but I am also drained from yesterday (16 hours no food, just adrenalin), so it will take me a day to sort through the horrible days photos and and to find words to document Tuesday early morning's horrific discovery. Stay tuned...


I'll be waiting right here. In the meantime I will link to your excellent Casablanca post sometime today.


Hi Sue,
The lost of 5 Pointz was tragic, but at the same time a call to all street artists to unite and make sure the hard work they share with the general public be in some way not as vulnerable. It is sad that such a Mecca of Graffitti had been erased in less than 24hr. The only memories now are the pictures taken before. At the same time, this should be a beginning not an end, as art is inspired, and inspiration is everywhere in New York City. Let's build up again, 5Pointz, 6Pointz, 7Pointz...
Some pictures can be found on my instagram @nycpassion as well as #save5pointz

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