May 14, 2015 - MOMA and....
May 27 or 28, 2015 Shakespeare in (The) Central Park

May 15 and 16 2015 Drifting in Daylight National Academy Jewish Museum

IMG_0049 IMG_1811Last Friday I headed to and through the North End of Central Park to see the Creative Time Exhibition Drifting in Daylight in preparation for my North End Tour Next week. One piece looks like the Chicago Bean but this one enables you to send post cards to people who are no longer here.


IMG_1813It was fun to find the people overdressed from the Woody IMG_1812Allen movie in the Conservatory Garden and far too many people found the ice cream station.

IMG_1815The Dana Discovery Center has an exhibit about the Park's water that was also worth a detour.

My actual destination was a visit with my favorite 100 (and 2 month) old friend Marie Runyon.

IMG_1817She is still looking great!

IMG_1818On Saturday, after  synagogue, I visited the National Academy Museum for their student exhibition (this week only - lots of fun) . Then, on to the Jewish Museum for a nostalgic look at the relationship between Modern Art and Early television. 

Finally, I saw Forever - fabulous one woman show (not the Pete Hamill Story I love so much) at The New York Theater Workshop - a great off-Broadway house.



Happy 4th of July!


Hi Dee, I don't suppose they celebrate in the North Sea. Am off to visit my 100 yr 4 month old friend en route to a party in a building with a convenient rooftop to watch the fireworks.
Looking forward to seeing you back in NYC soon.

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