June 15-30, 2015 more stuff
June 21, 2015 - Make Music New York and the pianos...

June 23, 2015 2nd Annual Night at the Downtown Museums

IMG_1031Last year's festival was like the Museum Mile Festival in the early days. No one knew about it so nowhere was really crowded. I had a client with me who needed to see the 911 museum and we were able to get tickets. We also detoured to the Brooklyn Bridge and ate at survivor bar O'Haras. Just my walking into the bar raised the average age of the clientele by a month or two.

We started at the then new visitor center of the Municipal Archives. This is a place I've grown to love over the year.

Will this year's festival be as quiet?  Here is a link to the venues and a map.

My bucket list includes the National Archives (I've never been), Fraunces Tavern (I haven't been in a really really really long time) and Poets House (I've never been inside). Two out of three won't be bad.

This will be a fun FREE journey to the festival. There are too many possibilities and too little time so.....

Friends, fellow tourist guides, TA and Fodor's visitors consider heading downtown as a meet up group. Hopefully, everyone will find others who want to go to the same attractions and we can pair visitors with those of us who live here.  My plan is to leave from Grand Central (meet at the clock on the side facing Apple) at 3:00 PM and we will head downtown from there. Have or plan to buy a MetroCard with at least two rides on it.

There are food places giving 25% discounts for the festival and Hudson Eats and Le District are fun if you haven't been. You will return to wherever on your own. I would like to  be uptown by 6:30 for another event.

Let me know if you will be joining me - leave a comment, send an email, message me on FB....

You can find A Guide Named Sue for an early morning custom tour here.


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