Oct 30, 2015 NYC Marathon EXPO and..
Jewish Film Festival 2016

2015 Halloween NYC Marathon weekend

IMG_2190Ancient slow Marathoner that I am, I couldn't resist attending the panel connected to the excellent NYC Marathon exhibit that is still on at the Museum of the City of New York on Halloween afternoon. The speakers were George Hirsch, Bill Rogers and Germain Silva. Great afternoon listening to a bunch of pro male runners talking about the early days of the 5 boro NYC Marathon. Rogers won 4 times and Silva 2. I was the first Q & A person and I asked about the pic of Grete Waitz and Bill Rogers that was projected behind the panelists. At that point the group acknowledged Grete as a 9 time winner and spoke about a few women runners for a minute or two. I know the museum will have future panels that acknowledge the rest of the population.

For those of you who visit on Halloween who are not Halloween fans, note that there were more Broadway tickets to be had than usual. I went to see Something Rotten. I recommend it especially for those who know their Shakespeare and love their musicals. Fun show for anyone. There were plenty of costumed characters to see on the way home via foot and subway.

IMG_2170I watched the start of the Marathon on TV and later headed up Fifth on the course to meet some friends visiting from Alaska. My favorite picture in the exhibit is Grete Weitz and Fred Lebow finishing the marathon while Fred was battling brain cancer. I still remember seeing them along the course. Grete has since also died from cancer. My client Dee also came up to join us.

Afterwards, we headed to the opening of a Vintage Jewish Postcard exhibition at my synagogue Or Zarua. A block or so after I left Dee at the subway, I tripped over some strange bumps on the pavement in front of CVS and my evening was far from over. Diagnosis:fractured left humorous bone. I have spent most of this month learning how to be righty so A Guide Named Sue has been writing very little until now.


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