Movie Movie NYC style 10/25/2015
2015 Halloween NYC Marathon weekend

Oct 30, 2015 NYC Marathon EXPO and..

The tour to the Marathon EXPO started as advertised from midtown. Since my only guest Dee was  a private client who has been touring with me all week, this became a private custom tour. It was Dee's third NYC trip since the end of May. 

IMG_2184We briefly checked out opening day at Bryant Park. It is looking great this year. Then, it was downtown to the Union Square Greenmarket for a look around. L train to my favorite Tom Otterness Subway stop at 14th and 8th. Dee needed sun glasses so we popped into an old bank building that has become a #CVS .  Thank you CVS for sparing the ceiling!

Then, off to Gansevoort Market, the new competition for Chelsea Market. Pizza slices from Luzzo's Pizza - yum!  The highline was delightful as usual - especially the young silver birch trees.

The EXPO was not crazy crowded perhaps because many had headed to the opening ceremonies in Central Park. Sadly, as usual, the only people promoting Tourism in NYC were the national parks department. It was a delight to return to midtown via the new #7 stop at Hudson Yards. A quick switch to the C brought us to the Dakota under scaffolding and the Strawberry fields entrance to Central Park.

IMG_2186  IMG_2189The parade of nations looked great from North of the Finish line but we were thirsty so we headed to Mineral Springs which luckily was open. We had hot drinks and waited for the fireworks. Now, they weren't going to be at the finish line so we thought maybe the Sheeps Meadow. Suddenly we heard them - behind us. We walked to the side of the building and were treated to a magnificent half hour of fireworks up close and personal. The marathoners watched on a big screen. If you come next year...see the real thing.

The evening was not over. We headed downtown for dinner at the Ear Inn and saw a fun show called Imbible about the history of Alcohol at the Soho Playhouse. The price of the show includes 3 drinks. Great end of a long day.


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