Tribeca Film Festival 2016 starts Today
1599 - Irondale May 2016 - Binge Shakespeare

April 24, 2016 non Tribeca film adventures.

IMG_2399On the last day of the Tribeca Film Festival, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the new Psycho House roof top exhibit. Fun - even without a drink! 

IMG_2356In the afternoon, I stopped in to visit my 101 year old friend Marie Runyon. She is listed on IMDB for her film roles and has starred in a video The Lady is a Fighting Lion directed by Laura Collins. Marie was also featured in a video by Michael Moore during the last Presidential election. (She was escorted to a nursing home in Brooklyn for filming). It is even more relevant for this election. However, if you were offended by it then, please do not click on it now. It hasn't changed. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when I stopped in to add this year's Triangle Shirtwaist Fire commemoration button to her wall. I wish City Lore would nominate Marie to the people's hall of fame while she is here.

 Soon it was time to head really Uptown to see Singin' in the Rain at the glorious United Palace of Cultural Arts at 175th and Broadway. I won the Music Box (but the artist calls it a Nicho/Shrine) in the picture. I love it. However, while it is titled Gene Kelly with Umbrella, I wish it played Singin' in the Rain instead of Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head. Can't win them all.

Wish I could see Movie Movie here some day. It is the perfect place for it.

IMG_2403  IMG_2404


Dee Munro

You have all the fun! Enjoying reading your posts, just spotted the lighthouse write up :) that was a good days touring.. Marie sounds like a real character, I hope she gets the nomination! Well done on the music box btw!

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