Jane's Walk 2016 - Avenue C neighborhood
Brush Up Your Shakespeare 2016

Tribeca Film Festival 2016 reviews

After years of standing in line on the first day single tickets were available to AMEX cardholders, last year I began ordering the weekday matinee package. It really works well. When I did go to the box office to buy senior tickets, only 1 of 4 additional films I wanted were available.

I gave my first ticket to a client who joined me on my walking tour to the Regal Cinemas. I went to the rush line to buy a second ticket. The system works if you are near the head of the line. Use it if there is something you really want to see.

Films I saw:

All This Panic: A great effort by reality TV wanna be film makers, students, and parents. It was interesting to see everyone in the audience after the show. A really depressing look at being a teenager in NYC.

The Tenth Man: Fabulous. I hope this shows up on every Jewish Film Festival's play list and at the JCC, Lincoln Center, Symphony Space and independents around town. This would also be a great film for the United Palace. It is already in Spanish and would also be of interest to the Jewish Community in the neighborhood. Why Tribeca chose to schedule this movie about a Jewish Community in Argentina on a Friday night is beyond me.

For the Love of Spock:  What can I say, the production started 4 months before Leonard Nimoy passed away. His son Adam did a helluva job. This is a joy to see for Star Trek fans.

Betting on Zero: More than you ever wanted to know about Wall Street, Government regulation and the Herbalife pyramid scheme. See the link for more info.

Bugs: A basic introduction to the "next big" food trend. I am intrigued if not convinced.

Untouchable: All about the man who created the worst (and most ineffectual) sex offender laws in the country (in Florida) and the victims on all sides.The laws would never have stopped the situation that inspired him to do this. They have destroyed the lives of countless individuals. Even his daughter has realized they solved nothing. This movie should be shown in Florida and all over the country and law makers should rethink these issues.

My last day of the Tribeca Film Festival was spent with film adventures - Way Uptown.

I recently saw the opening film First Monday in May at the Paris Theatre. Everyone should see this before or after seeing Manus x Machina at The Met!


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