June 2016 is...(part 1)
Marie (Runyon) and Mother Jones 9/2/2016

NYC Fringe Festival 2016 - 20th Anniversary

Fringe Ambassador Sue is at it again. My role is different. Change happens. So this year let's focus on how to pick a few plays to see as inexpensively as possible. Basic price for a Fringe ticket is still 18 dollars (plus a convenience charge if you order by credit card). Cash can only be used at Fringe Lounges. Seniors (65 plus) can buy 13 dollar seats at Fringe Lounges or at performance venues 15 minutes before performances. Children under 12 can buy 13 dollar tickets for Fringe Junior shows at performances, Fringe Lounges or On line. Passes and group tickets (for same performance) provide additional discounts.  Details here.

Discounts. The first way is to take the Find Your Fringe Quiz. This will give you a subset of plays that you might like and a 10 percent discount on passes. Last year each Ambassador was assigned meet ups based on Quiz results lists. None of my selections were on my top ten list but you know, they all turned out to interesting if not great shows. The second discount comes if you go to a show's post show meet up. A Fringe Ambassador like me can give you a discount to the next show of your choice if you surrender the coupon from your program. If your performance does not have a meet up , just score your show at Show Score  for a discount for your next show.

How do you figure out what to see? This year, the descriptions are better than ever. If you need hard copy in advance, pick up the Aug 10th Time Out New York. The Quiz gives you an interesting subset of shows. Show Score has come up with their own categories. You can use the Slice O Matic on the show listings in a variety of ways.  My favorite way is to start with a date and time range that I have available and see what shows are performing during that time. For a busy New Yorker, this is a great way to focus on what is possible.

More posts to come (including where to find me) .... in the comments section...



Where to find Fringe Ambassador Sue

8/12 - Players theater 4:30-9:30
8/13 - Downtown Art 11:45-3:45 14th St Y 5:30-9:30
8/14 - Seeing Seeger at Huron 2:15 volunteering in Central Park 5:30-9:30
6/15 - Drom 2-6 Downtown Art 7-10:30
6/16 - Downtown Art 12:00 - 4:00 14th St Y 5-9
6/17 - Clemente 12:00 - 4:00

Say Hi -- more sections to come

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