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Tribeca Film Festival 2017- reviews


The matinee pass this year was disappointing. There are very few real films before 5. The festival is branching out to TV and virtual reality. I ended up using one of my tickets for something that was free on Friday and I had to buy a senior ticket to see my friend's son's documentary which only shows in the evening.

Here's what I'm seeing - all at Cinepolis on 23rd:

4/24  3:30        Frank Serpico - might need a bit of editing but it is fabulous. Serpico gets to tell his own story the way he wishes. See it!

4/25  2:45        Wasted - sponsored by the Ford Foundation. This is a foodie movie about how to deal with the incredible amount of wasted food in our world. See it!

         5:00         I AM Evidence - Mariska Hargitay was at the talk back. There are over 200,000 unopened rape kits in the US.

4/26   3:45        Newton - this movie should be seen by anyone who has worked the polls on election day.

          6:45        Reagan Show - the tapes don't lie. This documentary should be seen by anyone yearning for                the Reagan years.

4/27   3:00         Permission - great NYC shots. Gay sex. Straight sex. Thoughtful look at love vs convenience.

          6:15         There's Johnny - preview of a streaming series about back stage at the Johnny Carson show. Sort of a color comedic version of Mad Men. Didn't know one of the cast members is the son of friends of mine. Still have no idea how/when to access the rest of the show.

4/28    2:45        The Dinner - intense, well-acted, poorly edited, depressing movie starring favorite of mine Richard Gere. Judging by commercials, it has already been released in theaters. Was sorry that I wasted a matinee pass film to see it on free Friday. It wasn't worth it.

 Same time next year maybe!


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