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The Homoeroticism of Rockefeller Center

Magazine Ads with Sex Appeal - the Sequel


Back by popular demand, here are half a dozen more magazine ads chosen for their use of male sex appeal to pitch general market products (non-underwear division). 


  • Avon.  This charming and sexy ad features Olympic medalist Aileen Riggin, a gold medal winner for the US in diving at the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium.  She's surrounded by participants from the 1996 Games held in Atlanta.  The ad appeared in Vanity Fair.  (Ms. Riggin died in 2002 at the age of 96.)




  • Gleem.  Long before the TV show Glee there was Gleem, a leading toothpaste brand in the 1950s and 1960s. (The '50s was the heyday of one-syllable brand names such as Fab, Wisk, Tang, Trix, Cheer and Duz).  This ad appeared in the mid-80s.




  • Olympus.  Here's another sexy, friendly face looking at the reader.  Yeah, I'd be able to easily smile back.




  • Nautica.  This is an ad for Nautica's line of bedding.  Unfortunately Wee Willie Winkie here doesn't come with the comforter - you'll need to find your own.




  • US Postal Service.  Woof!  This ad ran in 1980.  Who exactly was the target audience here?  If you have any gay friends who are stamp collectors this ad may have been the impetus behind their hobby. 




  • Kellogg's Smart Start.  If you believe the adage that you are what you eat then this god coming out of the water tells you all you need to know about the wisdom of choosing this breakfast cereal.









This must be why I've been eating Smart Start for the last 10 years!

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