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Joy to the World - More Alluring Men's Underwear Ads


Back by popular demand, here's a second installment of titillating men's underwear ads from the past 20 years (1990-2010)


  • Calvin Klein.  Part of an iconic ad campaign from the early 1990s, what makes this particular execution stand out for me is the fact that it's one of the few underwear ads for any label in which the model is smiling.  And Marky Mark's smile here is even more beguiling considering his thug pedigree (now a distant memory since transforming into "actor" Mark Wahlberg). 




  • Polo.  There's not a stitch of clothing visible, but, yes, it's an underwear ad - because the headline says so.  But somehow I'm okay with that.




  • Banana Republic.  Such a sweet ad.  It might have been a cute touch to have little boxers for the dog as well (a line extension?).




  • Tommy Hilfiger.  I like this ad for the contrast of the vivid blue background with the white briefs and the model's skin color.  And his pulling the briefs away from his mid-section is somewhat of a provocative touch.




  • Polo.  Unlike the Polo spread a few photos above (perhaps using the same model) this Polo ad manages to show the briefs (barely).  Nice use of a redhead - and the dog tag is a nice touch, especially because it draws attention to his pecs. 




  • Finally,covers of the New Yorker often make playful commentaries on trends of the day, and in this one the waistband-as-ad-message takes a jab.  Since this cover appeared in the summer of 1997, waistband labels have become even bigger and bolder.





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