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February 2011

More Ogle-Worthy Men's Underwear Ads

Whether it's a mainstream brand like Jockey or a high-fashion label such as Versace on the waistband, art directors who specialize in creating underwear ads understand the selling power of the male physique (i.e. "sex sells").  And they find plenty of provocative ways to put it on display so that we think nothing of dropping $20 for a pair of undies.


  • 2(x)ist.  Most underwear ads are static shots of a model with a "come hither" look, so kudos to 2(x)ist for this one here that shows the product in action.  The company is renowned for some of the most tantalizing ads in the category.  This is one of its earliest.




  • Jockey.  This has got to be one of the saddest looking pair of briefs shown in any underwear ad!  Obviously, the folks at Jockey were counting on readers to focus on the sexy model, and not the product (a safe supposition). 





  • aussieBum.  The oh-so-Italian model is sexy as hell, but what makes this ad so atypical for aussieBum (known mostly for its swimwear) is the excessive amount of clothes the model is wearing!





  • Champion.  This lesser known brand (who knew they made clothes other than workout gear?) takes a milk and cookies approach by using an All-American cutie in basic white skivvies, and teasing us with just a hint of bare flesh.  (Works for me!)  By the way, this has got to be the most ad copy I've ever come across in an underwear ad.




  • Versace.  I don't know what's going on with all of the gear draped around the model, but I suppose it's the nature of "high fashion" advertising - as is his aloof, albeit sexy, look.





  • D&G.  Finally, may I present to you the 2006 World Cup champion Italian soccer team for Dolce & Gabbana.  Would that American sports teams were so at ease flaunting their equipment for all to salivate over.