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Men's Underwear Ads - No Ands, Ifs ... Just Sexy Butts




With underwear ads being so ubiquitous, you'd think that every man would own at least one great pair of briefs (and for men in New York, two pairs!); surprisingly, it's not the case - at least based on what I see in the locker room at the gym.  Obviously, not everyone is inspired by what they see on the printed page.  With that off my chest, here is ZeitGAYst's fourth installment of "Sexy Magazine Ads".   


  • Todd & Terry.  An Aussie brand, but the model here is American.  His name is Jack Mackenroth, 42 years old (in 2011), and openly gay.  A menswear designer who competed on Project Runway in 2008, he made headlines after withdrawing when he developed the serious bacterial skin infection known as MRSA.  Mackenroth's also a skilled swimmer, who's competed in the Gay Games, where he's won a number of gold medals.  Additionally, he's an AIDS activist who's open about being HIV+.




  • Jockey.  Jim Palmer is a Hall of Fame pitching great who played for the Baltimore Orioles in the 1960s and '70s.  I believe he is the first athlete to "drop trou" for underwear ads - the first attempt by Major League Baseball to turn gay men into baseball fans.





  • Dolce & Gabanna.  Another in a long line of Italian rugby players exuding their sexy, cocksure attitude for D&G.




  • Puma.  I've never come across Puma's underwear brand, but since this ad ran I'll believe that it exists.  (And I rarely see its athletic shoes in stores anymore.)  But it's a cute ad.  (If you can't read it, the copy says "i see london, i see france, i see daily underpants".)




  • Tommy Hilfiger.  This joins one of Marky Mark's Calvin Klein ads as one of the few in the genre with a sweet, smiling model (Jason Shaw).




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