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Eye Candy Are the Stars of Sexy Men's Underwear Ads

Here's the fifth installment of enthralling men's underwear ads from my personal collection.  Let the drooling begin ...


  • Nautica - Exactly what purpose does the woman in the background of this ad serve?  To draw in straight men, giving them permission to furtively glance at the hot man in the foreground?  Whatever the reason, her inclusion is puzzling, even comical.  Reminds me how every International Male catalog has a token woman on at least one of its pages.




  • Nautica - Another beautiful Nautica ad, but in this execution the model's lady friend is out of the picture.  The ad evokes a feeling of being away at some balmy beach paradise.




  • Perry Ellis - A number of things in this ad draw in the reader.  First, it's kinda sexy how his slightly damp briefs slightly cling to his butt.  Second, the glimpse of his face and pecs in the mirror indicate he's a sexy fellow.  And what's on his mind?  Work issues?  Relationship troubles?  Contact lens just fell down the drain?  




  • Emporio Armani - No need for his name to appear on the ad because he's the world's most recognizable metrosexual (i.e., David Beckham).




  • Calvin Klein - This ad for the X-line of briefs features Japanese soccer superstar Hidetoshi Nakata (now retired at the age of 36).  Everything about this ad is pleasing - Nakata's sweat glistening body, the splash of color, the brief's pouch, even the giant 'X' splayed across his torso.




  • Fruit of the Loom - This ad is from the late 1970s.  The white towel and aqua briefs contrast nicely with the model's skin color. 




If you missed any of the other four installments on underwear ads, here are their links:

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Aaah ... Underwear Ads!





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