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October 2011

Saluting Magazine Ads that Exude Virility

Although I greatly enjoy gazing at sexy ads I'm not convinced sex sells.  For example, the magazine ads for the six products below appeal to my prurient interests but I'm not in the market for any of them.  And such appeals to my animal nature aren't going to get me to open my wallet.  However, I certainly hope the ad agencies keep creating them - I'm happy to pass them around!  


  • Old Spice.  The visual got my undivided attention (despite the line of copy directed at women).  However, before I focused I thought the product was for some sort of protein drink.




  • David Yurmain.  Although impractical, I must say this is a very nice way to display jewelry.




  • GNC. This sexy print ad was also displayed at bus shelters here in New York this past summer using an array of barechested hotties. 




  • TLC.  This tune-in ad is for TLC's reality show New York Ink and features the show's star, Ami James, in an iconic gargoyle pose on a Manhattan skyscraper.




  • Reversa.  Another ad whose advertised product completely alluded me as I originally thought it was for a high-end furniture maker.




  • Oscar Mayer.  Might this hungry bear be the cute little Oscar Mayer baloney kid all grown up?




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