A Look Back at LGBT History: 1989
The Year in Gay History: 1991

A Look Back at Gay History: 1990



Feb 16, 1990 - Famed graffiti artist Keith Haring dies from AIDS at the age of 31.

March 7, 1990 - The TV movie Andre's Mother airs on PBS.  Its Emmy Award-winning screenplay was written by Terrence McNally.  

March 11, 1990 - Outweek Magazine outs billionaire Malcolm Forbes a few weeks after his death.




March 26, 1990 - Fashion designer Halston dies of AIDS at the age of 57.

March 29, 1990 - President Bush urges an audience of business executives not to fire employees or discriminate against any who are infected with AIDS.   

April 28, 1990 - A Chorus Line ends its 14-year run.  

May 11, 1990 - Longtime Companion, the first wide-release movie to deal with AIDS, opens in theaters.





May 15, 1990 - Madonna's Vogue goes to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

July 3, 1990 - Former Major League Baseball umpire Dave Pallone, who was fired after being outed, publishes his story in Behind the Mask: My Double Life in Baseball.


Dave_pallone_ gay_umpire


July 26, 1990 - President Bush signs the Americans With Disabilities Act which goes into effect on 7/26/92.

Sept 17, 1990General Motors issues an apology after one of its commercials refers to trucks made by foreign companies as “little faggot trucks.”

Sept 25, 1990 - Chelsea bar/club, Splash, opens.




Oct 14, 1990 - Leonard Bernstein dies at the age of 72.

Nov 7, 1990 - Gay film archivist, Vito Russo, dies from AIDS at the age of 44.


(To read about LGBT history from other years double click here.)






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