Carol Channing Provides Halftime Entertainment at Super Bowl IV (January 11, 1970)
LGBT History Time Capsule: 1973

Gay History Time Capsule: 1972



Feb 13, 1972 - The movie Cabaret opens and makes 25-year old Liza Minnelli a star.

Feb 21, 1972 - This week's TIME Magazine cover story is about Liza Minnelli.

March 17, 1972 - John Waters' outrageous movie Pink Flamingos opens in theaters, introduces the world to Divine.

March 20, 1972 - Burt Reynolds causes a sensation by appearing as Cosmopolitan's first nude male centerfold.




April 6, 1972 - An appellate court overturns a 1971 ruling (Diaz v Pan Am) that allowed airlines to discriminate against men when hiring flight attendants.  As a result of this ruling, men begin entering the occupation in much greater numbers. 

April 14-16, 1972 - The first Dinah Shore Golf Tournament is held in Rancho Mirage, CA.  This would become an annual "destination" event for lesbians.




Aug 22, 1972 - A man robs a bank in Brooklyn (and takes hostages) to pay for his boyfriend's gender reassignment surgery, an incident that the 1975 movie Dog Day Afternoon is based upon. 

Sept 3, 1972 - The first Southern Decadence party is held in New Orleans. 

Sept 16, 1972 - The persona of Greenwich Village's legendary 'Rollerena' is born when 24-year-old Stephen Kroninger buys his signature hat and gown from an antiques store on Christopher St.




Oct 12, 1972 - Lady Sings the Blues opens in theaters, marking Diana Ross' film debut.  Her role as Billie Holiday would garner her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. 

Nov 1, 1972 - The landmark TV movie That Certain Summer airs, starring Hal Holbrooke and Martin Sheen as a gay couple who reveal their relationship to Holbrooke's teen son.




Nov 7, 1972 - Bette Midler's debut album, The Divine Miss M, is released.

Dec 20, 1972 - Liza Minnelli appears on the cover of January's issue of Good Housekeeping.




(To read about more gay milestones in other years, double click here.)


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