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Likes & Dislikes of Gay Life: One Gay Man's Perspective




When I started writing this post my plan was for it to be only about those aspects of gay life that bother me.  But as I worked on it I decided I didn't want to come across as a jaded queen, especially because there is plenty I enjoy about the gay milieu.  Therefore, I chose to give both sides equal time. Originally penned in the winter of 2012, I've updated it somewhat during the spring of 2014.



  • The insipid music of Katy Perry
  • Bravo's Andy Cohen for inflicting the Housewives of ... series on us, a sorry celebration of misogyny and anti-social behavior if ever there was one.




  • Porn stars who think they're going to have a second career as professional singers. 
  • The complete lack of sexual chemistry between Modern Family's Cameron and Mitchell




  • Photos of Chaz Bono bare chested
  • Out Magazine's "Nipple Count" feature.  And speaking of Out, why don't they just combine it and the Advocate; after all, they're delivered together in the same polybag.
  • Completely shaved armpits




  • Little kids on the ferry to the Pines
  • Fawning over Anderson Cooper
  • Boys who sashay
  • Groups of loud, straight women at gay bars.  No, you are not Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda.
  • The occupation known as a "nightlife promoter"
  • Gay Republicans




  • Tourists who insist on holding hands and clog Times Square are very annoying, and I feel the same about gay couples who do it in crowded bars, with one pulling the other behind him through the throng.
  • Michael Lucas and his laughably silly Donald Trump pout 
  • An air-brushed Ellen DeGeneres, who looks increasingly like a pre-pubescent Ricky Schroeder
  • Glee
  • The sad decline of Christopher St. and 8th Ave. in Chelsea
  • The closing of Splash Bar after 23 years





  • Tim Gunn, Carson Kressley, Michael Musto, John Waters, Joan Rivers (RIP), Kathy Griffin - and a very honorable mention to Hugh Jackman!







  • Classic Disco night at the Monster
  • Lady Gaga, Madonna and Cher
  • A tattoo on the nape of the neck, base of the tailbone or on one pec  - and nowhere else (in other words, tasteful understatement).




  • Fire Island beach walks; summer afternoons lazing about Christopher St. pier
  • New York Times op-ed columnist Frank Bruni (below), who replaced the highly regarded, and gay friendly, Frank Rich (who now writes for New York Magazine)




  • Low tea at the Blue Whale
  • "Broadway Bares" and "Broadway Backwards"
  • Openly gay athletes, such as diver Tom Daley, gymnast Danell Leyva, basketball player Jason Collins and football player Michael Sam


Tom Daley


Danell Leyva


  • The homo websites Towleroad, Subway Crush, JustJared, TheBackLot and MenTwoGether
  • Same-sex marriage in New York state and throughout the Northeast
  • Nathan Lane as Pepper Saltzman on Modern Family




  • Gay men and lesbians who acknowledge their spouses/partners at awards shows
  • The Tony Awards, especially when Neil Patrick Harris is the host




  • Beyonce's song Love on Top (for its title alone!)
  • Gay gents who follow sports (whether at Gym Bar or not)
  • Next and MetroSource
  • The glamour of the Supremes




  • Gotham Volleyball, and other gay sports leagues (including Front Runners)
  • The fact that Kylie Minogue and the Pet Shop Boys have never been embraced by the US mainstream makes them even more special.
  • An appreciation of "camp"  
  • HBO's gay drama Looking.
  • Sunday Beer Blast at the Eagle in the summer (but for how much longer?)




So it turns out the pluses edged out the minuses, 24 to 19.  And if I failed to mention something or someone it suggests indifference, which may be the worst sentiment of all.



Agree with so many of these especially these 2 thumbs down-
Kids on the ferry as the boys are getting their sashay on.

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