A Look Back at LGBT History From 1976
Gay History Timeline: 1979

LGBT History Timeline: 1977



Feb 7, 1977 - The first LGBT film festival is held in San Francisco (now called the Frameline Festival.)

Feb 7, 1977 - The U.S. State Department lifts its ban on the employment of homosexuals.

March 26, 1977 - Gay activists meet for the first time in the White House.

April 3, 1977 - Dancing Queen becomes ABBA's only #1 hit in the U.S.




April 26, 1977 - Studio 54 opens.

May 7, 1977 - Grace Jones sits atop the Billboard Dance chart with her international hit I Need a Man.

May 25, 1977 - A fire at New York's Everard Baths kills 9 patrons.

June 7, 1977 - In Florida, Dade County's referendum banning anti-gay discrimination is voted down behind the homophobic zealotry of orange juice queen Anita Bryant.




July 11, 1977 - The Village People's self-titled first album is released. 

Sept 1, 1977 - The Log Cabin Republicans hold their first meeting.

Sept 3, 1977 - The Village People's first album begins its first of seven weeks atop Billboard's dance chart.




Sept 13, 1977 - Billy Crystal portrays gay character Jodie Dallas on ABC's new envelope-pushing sitcom, Soap.

Sept 16, 1977 - Soprano Maria Callas dies at the age of 53.

Sept 27, 1977 - Prison movie Short Eyes airs on CBS. 

Oct 9, 1977 - In an episode of All in the Family titled "Cousin Liz" Edith discovers that her deceased cousin was a lesbian with a long term partner.

Nov 3, 1977 - 47-year-old Harvey Milk becomes one of the nation's highest profile individuals who is openly gay when he's elected to San Francisco's Board of Supervisors.




If you'd like to read about more gay pop culture milestones from other years, double click here.



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