A Look Back at Gay History: 1990
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The Year in Gay History: 1991




Jan 23, 1991 - A massive  protest by ACT UP disrupts the evening commute at NYC's Grand Central Station; a banner reading "One AIDS Death Every Eight Minutes" is hung over the arrivals board.

Jan 24, 1991 - The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announces that AIDS is now the second leading cause of death among men between the ages of 25 and 44.




Feb 7, 1991 - The first lesbian kiss in primetime is shown on NBC's hit drama LA Law (the lesbian character involved never makes another appearance.)

Feb 15, 1991 - Bette Midler appears on the cover of the March issue of Good Housekeeping.

May 10, 1991 - Madonna's documentary Truth or Dare opens.




May 11, 1991 - Madonna appears in a "Wayne's World" dream sequence on Saturday Night Live.

May 19, 1991 - Julie Andrews, Ann-Margret and Hugh Grant star in the TV movie Our Sons.

May 28, 1991 - Terrence McNally's off-Broadway play Lips Together, Teeth Apart opens.  It tells the story of two straight couples spending 4th of July weekend at Fire Island Pines in the house inherited by one of the women from her brother who died of AIDS. 

June 1, 1991 - The first "Gay Day" at Disney World is held.

June 2, 1991 - The red ribbon for AIDS awareness makes its debut at the Tony Awards.




June 10, 1991 - The premiere issue of Martha Stewart Living hits newsstands.

July 17, 1991 - While on a visit to London, First Lady Barbara Bush asks Princess Diana to give her a tour of the AIDS ward at Middlesex Hospital.




July 28, 1991 - Actor Paul Reubens (better known as Pee Wee Herman) is arrested for indecent exposure at an adult movie theater in Florida.

Sept 18, 1991 - On Seinfeld, George has doubts about his sexual orientation after he felt his penis "move" during a massage by a male physical therapist.

Oct 20, 1991 - Primetime's first same-sex marriage takes place on the Fox sitcom Roc.




Nov 7, 1991 - The Finnish illustrator known as "Tom of Finland" (born as Touko Laaksonen) dies at the age of 71.

Nov 15, 1991 - Music producer Jacques Morali, creator of The Village People and Ritchie Family, dies from AIDS at the age of 44.

Nov 24, 1991 - Freddie Mercury of the group Queen dies of AIDS at the age of 45.




Dec 8, 1991 - 23-year-old Kimberly Bergalas dies from AIDS, one of six patients apparently infected by a gay HIV+ dentist in Florida (who died of AIDS in 1990).


(To read about LGBT history from other years double click here.)


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