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I was born in 1963 and I remember my first crushes were Robert Conrad (always loved his shirtless scenes in the Wild Wild West), and Van Williams (loved the dashing suits he wore in the Green Hornet)!

Chris Marks

A bit older here and my first celebrity crush was Ricky Nelson. Ricky grew up on TV and went from being the ornery (but polite) little brother to David to a big recording star and major teen idol. Even as he got older (up until his untimely death) Nelson was a major hottie.


born in 1965, my crushes were a shirtless Lyle Waggoner on Carol Burnett or Tony Dow on Leave it to Beaver.....plus Dennis Cole and Robert Conrad too!!! Sigh oh the memories!


What about Brian Kelly, the dad on "Flipper?" Handsome, tanned and bare-chested almost every show!




javier erazo

Omg I have the same crushes when I was a kid in Honduras ..I knew all their names .. thanks for sharing


This is amazing! I had crushes on every one of these men too at the same ages as the webpage author.

My all time favorite remains Robert Conrad in TWWW.

thomas scott

almost the same men maybe it was the laid back calmness of male identity so secure. don't forget david selby dark shadows and david hedison and ron ely and dennis cole ,too many..dan from land of the giants

Douglas Decker

Then there was Hugh O'Brien on The Life and Times of WyattbEarp

Peter Foss

Robert Fuller on Laramie was the perfect male. Chaps, nice bulge, ass you could bounce a quarter off of. Tight muscled body. Was a song and dance man as well.

Scott Kjeer

My dad reminded me of a time he caught me kissing Mark Goddard (on the console television). When he asked me why I did that, he says that I answered: "Because I think he's pretty". I had crushes of most of the same men you did. Mine also included the hot young firemen at Station 51 and the doctor at Rampart General of Emergency!


Hi Scott, that's a great story! And how did your father react?


I had a big crush with James Darren actor of the " time tunnel " I thought he was gorgeous akso in the movie "Gidget".

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