Looking Back at LGBT History: 1993
Dick Button Becomes 1st American to Win Olympic Gold in Figure Skating (Feb. 3,1948)

Gay Time Capsule: 1994

1994Jan 1, 1994 - David Sedaris' first book of essays, Barrel Fever, is published.

Jan 10, 1994 - Tales of the City airs over three nights on PBS stations.

Feb 17, 1994 - Writer Randy Shilts dies from AIDS at the age of 42.

March 1, 1994 - On tonight's episode of Roseanne, Roseanne accompanies her lesbian friend Nancy (played by Sandra Bernhard) to a lesbian bar and is unnerved when Nancy's girlfriend (Mariel Hemingway) plants an open-mouthed kiss on her.



March 12, 1994 - Rather than allow the Irish-American Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Group of Boston to march, as ordered by Massachusetts' Supreme Court, organizers canceled Boston's St. Patrick's Day parade (the 2nd largest St. Paddy's parade in the U.S.).

March 21, 1994 - Tom Hanks wins the Oscar for Best Actor in the AIDS drama Philadelphia, and Bruce Springsteen wins the Oscar for Best Song, Streets of Philadelphia.  During his acceptance speech Hanks thanks his gay drama teacher from high school. 

March 22, 1994 - Disco producer Dan Hartman dies from AIDS at the age of 43.

March 29, 1994 - IKEA airs a commercial in East Coast markets depicting a gay male couple shopping for a dining room table.




March 31, 1994 - Madonna makes an expletive-filled appearance on the Letterman show.

April 1, 1994 - The first issue of POZ Magazine is published, with a cover story about the HIV-positive grandson of former Arizona senator Barry Goldwater.

April 5, 1994 - Documentary filmmaker Marlon Riggs dies of AIDS at the age of 37.

April 15, 1994 - Figure skater John Curry, who won a gold medal for England at the 1976 Winter Olympics, dies of AIDS complications at the age of 44.

May 2, 1994 - On Northern Exposure, Rick & Erick are married.

May 6, 1994 - Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford take out a full page ad in the Times of London to dispel rumors of a divorce and to also proclaim they are both heterosexual and monogamous.




May 10, 1994 - Serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men in his Chicago home between 1972-1978, is executed.

May 13-14, 1994 - Opening weekend of the Andy Warhol Museum in Warhol's hometown of Pittsburgh.




May 18, 1994 - On Fox's Melrose Place, the network gets cold feet and decides against showing gay character Matt kissing his male date.  Instead the camera cuts away as their faces come together.

June 18-25, 1994 - New York City hosts Gay Games IV.

June 19, 1994 - Attorney General Janet Reno orders the Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS) to make LGBT foreigners eligible to apply for political asylum.

July 24, 1994 - BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous debuts in the U.S. on Comedy Central.




Aug 10, 1994 - The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert opens in theaters.

Aug 21, 1994 - Choreographer Michael Peters (pictured below in Michael Jackson's Beat It video, which he choreographed) dies from AIDS at the age of 46.  Besides the Beat It video, he was also the Tony Award winning choreographer of Dreamgirls.




Aug 28, 1994 - The city of Tokyo holds its first Gay Pride Parade.

Sept 21, 1994 - On Roseanne, husband Dan is embarrassed when his buddies discover he shaved his armpits when he had a cyst treated. 

Nov 11, 1994 - Pedro Zamora, cast member of MTV's Real World: Miami, dies from AIDS at the age of 22.




Nov 28, 1994 - Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is beaten to death in prison, six months after the execution of John Wayne Gacy.

Dec 24, 1994 - Historian and professor, John Boswell, dies from AIDS at the age of 47.  Earlier in the year his book, Same-Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe, was published.


(To discover gay milestones from other years, double click here.) 



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