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I saw this show "live" three times:

April 1972: A touring production at my college, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Hume and Jessica's daughter, Tandy Cronyn, played Amy.

December 2006: John Doyle's unique actors-as-musicians-as-actors production. Raul Esparza starred.

April 2011: The NY Philharmonic's star-studded (Neil Patrick Harris/Stephen Colbert/Craig Bierko/Jon Cryer/Katie Finnernan/Christina Hendricks/Patti LuPone/Martha Plimpton,etc...) production, attended by Sondheim, and later shown in movie theaters. Unfortunately, although recorded, it has yet to appear on DVD/BluRay.

I've also seen the "making of" video of the original cast.

None of the three "live" performances were alike. Keeping each fresh and entertaining.


I saw both Dean Jones and Larry Kert in the original and to my recollection there was no reference to Bobby's experimenting with another man. This was added, I think, for a revival which was so lambasted by the Times that I think the leading man quit after opening night. Years have passed and it's part of the current script. But one never knows what script is being licensed. For example, if your regional theatre wants to do "Cabaret," they get the script which was used for a revival in the 80's.

Rob Frydlewicz

Thanks Frank, I suppose that would have been too "modern" for audiences in 1970!

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