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I just heard this song for the first time on YouTube, and found your site via Google while searching for the meaning to the song. I had similar thoughts that this song might be about a gay relationship, but judging by the time period and that it's an American song, it could just as easily be about an inter-racial relationship too. Either way, it's a beautiful song, with a powerful, though ambiguous, message.


I loved the song, bc my boyfriend and I gave to hide our love, simply bc my parents don't like him. Although, I also got that vibe. Listening to the song, and studying the lyrics, and then reading your blog, I decided to dig a little deeper. Now, I agree, it was the US, in the 50's, I doubt it's about homosexuality, but it's possible, and Jimmie Rodgers, was not gay. He had three different wives. Unless they were coverups, but, again, it was the US, in the 50's. But I agree, it's amazing and the lyrics spoke to me


Hi Katie-Lyn, thank you for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Although the song likely resonated with heterosexual as well as homosexual listeners, Jimmie Rodgers may very well have been oblivious to the gay connection; however, I have a feeling the songwriters were aware of the double meaning - who knows, perhaps they were even gay? Regardless, it's a sweet song.



I have always loved this song and was thrilled when I was able to give him a hug after a performance I went to at the Pfister hotel in the early 70's.....He is still so dreamy...I think it was simply a song about 2 young teenagers in live and they met secretly to fool around... (hot stuff!)


I always thought he was singing about an underage girl: so many of the pop/rock songs of the era were about teen love. He's looking forward to when she's old enough they no longer need to meet in secret.

Wish we didn't have to be afraid
To show the world that we're in love
Till we have the right to meet openly
Till we have the right to kiss openly
We'll just have to be content to be in love secretly


I have often thought this song was ababout a gay relationship, or perhaps a mixed race relationship.

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