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Greg May

GREG MAY of Orlando, FL says: "I will NEVER forget the night I met Grace Jones! Her bodyguard pushed me right up to her face . . . I could see myself in her lipstick! I got a kick out of her accusing Lady Gaga of imitating her! Grace's mentor was French artist Jean-Paul Goude who 'fashioned' her disco act in the 70's from French music hall star JOSEPHINE BAKER. The early Grace would always open her stage act by riding a motorcycle onto the stage as she performed "That's The Trouble". Josephine Baker was riding her motorcycle on stage in the 50's. Also, Grace copied MARLENE DIETRICHT - remember when she was hailed as the "Dietricht of the 80's?" Grace would don Navy whites ala Dietricht in the movie "Seven Sinners" when she performed "La Vie En Rose". I always wanted Grace Jones to do a cover of Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger" to a dance beat. I think it would be a monster hit and so does her former producer, Tom Moulton. Grace is - after all- a Bond girl!


Great anecdote! I agree, Id love to hear Grace do a renditon of Gold Finger (the way Shirley B. did a remake of Pinks Lets Get This Party Started). Shes slated to have a new CD come out one of these days - its overdue. In the meantime I make do with herwonderful collaboration with Moby from his last CD. The songs title isLive for Tomorrow.

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