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Men's Fashion Ads That Tease & Tantalize

The old trope about a picture being worth a thousand words is especially true when it comes to fashion advertising.  In fact, the six ads I've chosen here rely entirely on photographs - there's not one line of copy.  And upon looking at the selection of ads below the first word of each readers' thousand is likely to be "wow".



Famed photographer Robert Mapplethorpe snapped this breathtaking photo for this short-lived (and not very highly regarded) apparel company which flamed out in the late 1980s.  It hit the skids when its financial backer, a notorious personal banker, art connoisseur and social climber named Roberto Polo, was jailed in Italy for misappropriation of client funds.





If you didn't know that Rockport sold shoes you'd be hard pressed to figure out what this ad was selling.  But it's a pleasure gazing upon the ad and trying to figure it out.  In business for more than 40 years, Rockport, based in Massachusetts, is now a subsidiary of Reebok International.






Sex appeal conveyed in a gritty, blue collar setting.  Part of this ad's appeal is guessing what the model looks like from the front.  (And why is he looking down?)





Ladies and gentleman, introducing the Versace iron!  Wait, I think it's the shirt that has the Versace label!  This ad is a classic from some 30 years ago.





Most likely the carefree model is skipping off to some oh-so-fabulous destination.  BV is a nearly 50-year-old luxury brand best known for its leather accessories.  The company is a subsidiary of Gucci and is headquartered in Italy.





Nothing brings attention to a shirt like one that is unbuttoned and opened wide (or, as in the case here, almost off), affording a view of a beautiful chest.  (However, a warning label should be at the bottom of the ad that reads: your results may differ.)  Alex Cannon is a menswear company that's been in business since 2003.  The label is sold at Lord & Taylor and a number of specialty stores across the U.S.





Nice blog! I love levi's jeans. In fact all of my jeans are Levi's although it's very expensive. But it worthy cause levi's jeans are very stylish.Anyways you blog is great.

onesies for men

Versace is definitely my favorite amongst all of these. They bring something to the table that others just can't match with their designs. I love it!

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