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Showtime Sitcom "Web Therapy's" Gay Pedigree

Lisa_kudrow_webtherapyThe delightfully biting sitcom Web Therapy debuted on Showtime the evening of July 19, 2011.  It follows the travails of Fiona Wallace, played by Lisa Kudrow, a self-centered, impatient and somewhat caustic therapist who conducts three-minute sessions online.  All of the show's action is shown on two computer screens. And although Kudrow is its star, the show has quite a gay pedigree. 



Dan_bucatinskyDon Roos (who directed Kudrow in her first film after Friends, the critically acclaimed The Opposite of Sex) and his husband Dan Bucatinsky are its co-creators along with Kudrow (Bucatinsky also plays Fiona's assistant, Jerome, pictured); out actor Alan Cumming plays a womanizing media mogul; another openly gay actor, Victor Garber, portrays Fiona's long-suffering closeted husband of 17 years, Kip; and Lily Tomlin plays Fiona's mother.  Finally, Rosie O'Donnell plays the put upon and devoutly Catholic assistant of Alan's character. 



Victor garber and lisa kudrow web therapyA few weeks after watching a handful of episodes I was on the uptown subway platform at 14th St. waiting for the 1 train and saw Victor Garber waiting as well.  Not one to usually approach a celebrity, I was emboldened by his character so I walked up to him and told him how much I enjoyed his role and how refreshing it was to see him in a comedic role.  He was very gracious.



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