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Ellen DeGeneres & Anne Heche Call it Quits (August 21, 2000)

Ellendegeneres_anneheche Ellen and Anne were the Brad and Angelina of the late 1990s.  They seemed to turn up everywhere and photos of the "It Couple" appeared on a regular basis.  Perhaps the media's fascination was due to the novelty back then of an out, same-sex celebrity couple.  Perhaps this constant attention took its toll on them, because after three years together Ellen and Anne announced their break-up on August 21, 2000.


Anneheche_callmecrazy Heche, 11 years DeGeneres' junior, claimed she was never truly a lesbian and shortly after their break-up married a man.  (She had also dated a string of men before her relationship with DeGeneres.)  The end of that relationship also got attention because of a nasty child custody fight in which Heche was portrayed as being mentally unstable.  The media had a field day with Heche and her tabloid-worthy troubles.  Her 2001 memoir was titled, somewhat appropriataely, Call Me Crazy


Ellen_oscars Ellen_covergirlDeGeneres' career has skyrocketed since her split with Heche.  She's hosted the Emmys once and Academy Awards twice; been a judge on American Idol; was the voice of the fish Dory in the animated hit movie Finding Nemo; been a spokesperson for American Express, Cover Girl cosmetics and JC Penney; and her Daytime talk show has been on the air since 2003.  Since 2004 she's been in a relationship with actress Portia de Rossi (15 years her junior) - which has also gotten its share of publicity - but not nearly as much as the relationship with Heche. 


Heche_tupper Since the break up Heche's career has been spent largely on TV, including roles in Nip/Tuck, HBO's Hung and the short-lived ABC series Men in Trees.  She also appeared in the revival of the Broadway musical Twenthieth Century, which earned her a Tony nomination.  She's presently in a relationship with her Men in Trees co-star Justin Tupper (pictured, left) who she had a child with three years ago. 






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