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The Sex Appeal of Men Wearing Glasses

Justin-pic-2-221x300 Dondraper_madmenThe right shoes, wristwatch, pocket square or necktie can certainly draw attention to a man when he enters a room, but I'm of the opinion that eyeglasses are the only accessory with the ability to add sex appeal.  And sunglasses add an aura of mystery and celebrity.  However, when it comes to the advertising of eyeglasses or sunglasses there's not a lot of creative ways to show them.  For the most part the ads are simply a close-up of a sexy face where jawline, stubble, lips and coif enhance the product.  But these ads demonstrate how sex appeal can be communicated without the need to show off pecs, washboard abs or bare butt cheeks (but there are exceptions).


It appears Armani dominates the fashion frames category, or it could just be that it dominates ads that appeal to me.











Here is what a few other labels have to offer (Dolce-Gabanna, Teatree and Tom Ford).








This ad for Arnold Brant is a case where eyeglasses are used as an effective prop.




Tom Ford, Guess, Notorio and Emporio Armani added skin to the equation, moving beyond the "monotony" of focusing on a handsome face ...










Instead of skin, suits ...









Finally, some of the best advertisements aren't ads but, rather, celebs or public figyres photographed wearing glasses.






















bieber supra

Those are super cute. I like you on Facebook.

Vincent Davis

One can dig that Clark Kent look. Aside from that... well, glasses can be pretty appealing for both men and women. It has come a long way since the time when it was mostly considered a dorky accessory.

Sam Times

Well, that point of advertising is to appeal a product, right? And it's certainly effective that most company still use it. I agree with Vincent here that Clark Kent look is appealing to people, especially feminine ones.

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