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"Happy Homemaker" Sue Ann Nivens Introduced on "Mary Tyler Moore Show" (September 15, 1973)




Before Martha Stewart there was Sue Ann Nivens, "The Happy Homemaker" at fictional Minneapolis TV station WJM.  She made her debut during the first episode of the fourth season of CBS's Mary Tyler Moore Show on Sept. 15, 1973.  As portrayed by the beloved Betty White, Sue Ann was sweet as sugar on the air, but a rather wanton, man-crazed woman off-camera.  She enjoyed zinging Mary and Murray - and ached for Mr. Grant, oh how she ached for him! 


Sue Ann's character had broad audience appeal, but gay men were especially drawn to her because her biting wit and sense of style were prized traits in our social circles.  Some 20 years later Martha became the reincarnation of Sue Ann but on a much grander, well beyond the borders of the Twin Cities.   











Hi Amy Whipple,Thanks for the above, If there is any individual who has ever insrpied so a wide selection of visitors to like them with no actually owning fulfilled them, that particular person clearly has to be Betty White. And luckily, her job is taking advantage of a finish revival, many thanks to a bunch of onerous-doing work Facebook customers who chose that it was worthwhile to get started a petition to have her host Saturday Night time Live. But this is most definitely not the first that most of us have found of this impressive octogenarian. Betty White has been a well liked visitor on demonstrates like Ellen for a long time, and in the past that, her face was all more than tv on various sorts of sitcoms that altered the way Individuals seen comedies and fifty percent-hour television programming.BTW great blogpost

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