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"Modern Family's" Cameron & Mitchell - Neutered for Network TV?

ModernFamily_Cameron_MitchellCam and Mitchell, the gay dads from ABC's hit sitcom Modern Family, are a funny, bickering couple - with zero physical chemistry between them.  While I can easily picture the show's two other couples, Claire and Phil and Jay and Gloria, "getting busy" with each other, I can't say the same for the asexual gay duo.  (I can even picture Mr. French and Uncle Bill from Family Affair getting hot and sweaty with each other before these two.)  I don't know who'd be doing what to whom and I think it would end before it started because of fussing from both sides.



And truth be told I don't even think they're that happy a couple.  Their first child, Lily (as lively as a block of wood, since replaced by a more lifelike child), was probably adopted for a diversion and now even she's not enough because at the end of last season Mitchell mentioned to Cam of his desire to have another child - perhaps to assuage their gnawing dissatisfaction with each other? 




Nonetheless, it's gratifying to see a gay couple living openly as a family on TV.  I just wish they didn't come across as a couple of spinster sisters.  For the time being it appears "heat" between couples on network TV is reserved for heterosexuals.      





kevin downey

You know, Rob, you're right. I hadn't even thought of it because they're so funny, and so much fun to watch. But, I guess in the show's defense, they're definitely not TV's first couple lacking in physical chemistry.


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