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Cutting Through the Clutter: Sexy Magazine Ads Dripping with Testosterone

In the world of advertising consumer "engagement" is the name of the game - and what better way for mundane products to draw attention to themselves than through the tactic of sex appeal.  Six examples follow: 


  • Pastamatic.  This ad ran in epicurean magazines in the mid-1980s (note all of the mustaches).  Its selling point: "Inside every PastaMatic there's the skill of 10 Italian chefs with the strength of 20 muscular arms."




  • Martex.  Cute guy with cute baby - always a winner.




  • Dial Soap.  From the happy face of this flight attendant you can tell this ad was from the 1990s - before the airlines started slashing staffs and cutting salaries of its flight attendants.




  • Salem Cigarettes.  No, this isn't an ad for iced tea, but a typically ludicrous cigarette ad - but it got this nonsmoker's attention.




  • Mademoiselle Magazine.  The magazine ran its "This Miss is a Hit" ad campaign in the mid-1980s.  Alas, Mademoiselle hit hard times and ceased publication in 2001.




  • Grover Brothers Fabrics.  What a beautiful way to display fabric!




This is part of an ongoing series on sexy magazine ads.  Here are previous  installments:

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