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I love Ron Regan weather is straight or gay I knew he wasn't he is a great person he oviously has a good wife to have to put up with all the craziness of people putting him down, he is just a great person I would love to meet him someday, I am a democrat but I did cross party lines when I voted for his Dad in 1980, what can I say here's one for the ole gipper and I am only 50 some things don't die easy.
Thanks for allowing me to share. Susan


I like Ron very much he is articulate, very informative. I love when he's on msnbc. I am a democrat and agree with his political opinions. I'm glad to see he is happily married.
Keep coming back to msnbc. Jess


Thanks for your comments Jess. I can always tell the days when he appears on MSNBC because the traffic to the post I wrote about him spikes.

Lenora Carty

Love Ron Reagan and God loves him too!

Rita Burke

I do not think
It should matter if he is gay or not. That is his private business and no one should care about that. His father grew up 2 block from my husband in Dixon and my husband was a friend of Rinald Reagan and his brother . So longest the man or woman politic is honest and always the best behalf of their peoples . That is what is important in life . Also a man or woman with good values, dignity and honestly . I know Ronald Reagan had all this quality and I'm sure Mr. Ron Reagan is the same so good luck to you . Not easy to be in the spot light . Take good care.

Cheryl Collins

I enjoy Ron as a political anchor. Kudos to him for asserting his passion (ballet) and his own political leanings.

Lime most of us, he grew up in a dysfunctional home and he's found his way.

Boris VonGruber

I think he is gay and just does not want to come OUT....ever ! He is an outspoken liberal, an Atheist, a Socialist and possibly a bisexual (or homosexual). He was married fast at only 22, when the father, Ronald Reagan Sr., a right-wing and conservative republican was president in the 1980's. This just smacked of an arranged marriage and "cover-up" in a time when gay rights was not on the front burner, the Aids epidemic had begun to rear it's ugly head and marriage-equality was not even a real concept, even by gay activists ! He married a woman 6 years younger than him (she is now deceased, since 2012). They never had children and were rarely seen together in public. They were supposedly married for 30 years, from 1982 to 2012, when she died of a muscular disease. She was Italian-American and had a very sweet and pretty face, but looked noticeably older than the tall, lanky and slightly effeminate Ron Reagan, Jr. In any event, that was a long time ago and if he is gay or straight ?...He will keep us guessing and it really does not matter now. Both his parents have died and he is just living his life !

joan dugan

I think you had better check your facts. As far as I understand, Ron Reagan is still married to a woman 6years older than he. They have a daughter together. He is a refreshing addition to MSNBC. He has GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR & IS A GENTLEMAN.His political observations are spot on.

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