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I've always felt that if "Brokeback Mountain" did not have its 2 pretty-boy stars, it would not have been as successful as it was. I found the story dull. If it had starred 2 average/not-so-good-looking guys, no one would have wanted to see it. I find that way too many gay men like this movie because they have the hots for one or the other of its stars. I am not saying this is true in the blogger's case though. Just my opinion.

Mike Rigney

I've found the best part about the Brokeback Mountain" is that the main two characters could be a man and a woman, two women or even two animated dogs and the story would still work.

The fact it's two men doesn't make it a gay movie for me; it's a frustrating story of what happens when the love of your life is completely and utterly unexpected. Having to come to terms with it's the love is all and to be brave enough to own up to it is what I've gotten from viewing the film.

The pacing of "Brokeback Mountain" is indeed slow at times; though the movie might take several viewings to appreciate more as I've found with similarly-paced films. I understand some gay men liking the movie due to the actor's looks; hopefully the appreciation for that will grow beyond to the move itself. The film's final scene with Heath Ledger floored me and it was then I understood why he was thought of as a great actor. It's a shame he was finally consumed by the inner demons that plague the great artists. One man's opinion as well.

Mike Rigney

And to be completely honest...there are several movies that a particular actor's demeanor/physical looks are part of the reason I enjoy watching them.


Mike, I enjoy a movie that takes its time - just as long as I'm seeing it in a theater, where I'm not tempted by distractions (I felt that way with "Bridges of Madison County" as well.) With "Brokeback", besides feasting my eyes on Jake Gyllenhaal, I also really enjoyed the scenery. Thanks for your comments.

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