Homosexuality Declassified As Mental Illness (December 15, 1973)
"Dreamgirls" Opens on Broadway (December 20, 1981)

"Like a Virgin" is Madonna's First #1 Song (December 18, 1984)

Like_a_virgin Madonna's first single, Borderline, peaked at #16 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1983.  The next, Holiday, went to #10 and was followed by Lucky Star which rose to #4.  Then during the week of Dec. 18, 1984 her fourth single, Like a Virgin, went all the way to #1 (on Billboard's Hot 100) - where it stayed for six weeks.  Virgin was the first of her twelve singles to top the charts in the U.S. (Altogether she's had 37 top-10 hits - more than any female artist).  It was her risque live performance of Like a Virgin at MTV's 1st Music Video Awards in 1984 (she rolled about the stage wearing a wedding dress) that propelled her to superstardom.  (Click here to watch it.)  Three other singles from the Like a Virgin LP were top-5 hits:  Material Girl (#2); Angel (#5); and Dress You Up (#5).  




I remember being at an alternative/new wave club the night of the MTV awards. The club was showing the awards, but without sound. Most of us were watching the show and laughing at Madonna, wondering what the hell she was doing. At this point, even though Madonna had frequented a lot of the clubs we hung out at, we had already cooled to her and saw this as "selling out." Little did we realize at that point where Madonna's career would go!

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