ACT UP Disrupts Sunday Mass at St. Patrick's (December 10, 1989)
A Gay Nightlife Milestone: Flamingo Disco Opens Its Doors (December 14, 1974)

Martha Stewart's First Christmas Special Airs (December 12, 1995)

Martha_stewart_christmasMadonna wasn't the only diva with "blonde ambition" during the 1990s.  There was also Martha Stewart, goddess of the domestic arts, who rose to icon status during the decade.  Five years after her wildly popular magazine Martha Stewart Living began publishing, Martha starred in her first holiday special, "Home for the Holidays", which aired on CBS on December 12, 1995. 


Martha_juliaOne of Martha's guests was Julia Child, and it was the first time the two worked together (Julia was 83 at the time).  Then Miss Piggy helped Martha construct a gingerbread house.  They used white Necco wafers for the roof's shingles and as I watched I shuddered thinking how an assistant probably was ordered to go through countless packages of wafers in order get the white ones ready.




Topless_martha_stewart_snlA year later Saturday Night Live aired a parody of Martha's holiday special.  The skit was called Martha Stewart's Home for the Holidays Topless Christmas Special and it became a classic.  Cast member Ana Gasteyer (right) portrayed Martha. 



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