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Madonna Wins a Golden Globe for "Evita" (January 19, 1997)

Madonna_evita On January 19, 1997 Madonna won a Golden Globe for Best Leading Actress in a Musical/Comedy for her portrayal of Eva Peron in the movie Evita.  In a role she seemed born to play, she beat out Barbra Streisand, Glenn Close, Debbie Reynolds and Frances McDormand.  Looking quite chic, Ms. Ciccone was a study in quiet reserve as she gave her acceptance speech (after all, she was now a serious actress!).





Madonna_dicktracy A_league_of_their_own Too often Madonna gets a bum rap for her acting ability (let's not forget that Meryl Streep was in She Devil), but she's given a number of good performances.  For instance, I liked her in Desperately Seeking Susan; Dick Tracy (pictured, far left); A League of Their Own (near left); and the documentary Truth or Dare.  Of course, she's also made her mark musically with hit songs such as Get Into the Groove; Crazy for You; and This Used to be My Playground.  (And in 2012 she won her second Golden Globe for the song Masterpiece from the movie she directed WE).  At the 1991 Oscars Madge performed Sooner or Later from Dick Tracy and it was notable for being one of the few times she displayed nervousness as her hands were visibly shaking during the peformance. 


Madonna_vogue_cover After her triumph at the Globes it was disappointing that Madonna failed to get an Oscar nomination.  However, two months later the original song "You Must Love Me" from Evita won the Oscar for Best Song which she performed - with no shaking this time.  So, don't cry for her ...





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