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Maury Schott

"Oh, back in the knife drawer, Miss Sharp" from Miss O'Brien to Anna before Bates set her all atwitter with the old 'ladyship's soap' threat.


Ha, ha, thanks for the contribution Maury! I thought of including it but I thought it would be a sort of plagiarism since you were the one that brought it up at dinner yesterday.

Dennis McGuire

Rob, good quotes. Also, the one at baby Sybil's christening where Robert, Lady Violet, and the priest are photographed and Cora says something like the following to Robert......"Oh Robert, don't look as if you're being converted!"


Rob, you didn't include the gayest line of this or any other season! Bates says to Jimmy/James apropos his kiss from Thomas, "I can't believe you're acting like a big girl's blouse. You're still in one piece." I thought this was even better than Lord Grantham's line that if he had screamed blue murder every time some boy tried to kiss him at Eton he would have been hoarse in a month. Surprisingly sophisticated viewpoints from above stairs and below stairs for this period.

Poor Matthew! Snuffed out in his moment of supreme happiness. And he was bonding so well with Tom, now elevated to estate manager. It could have been the beginning of a beautiful friendship as Mr. Bogart said.


Thanks Stephen. I remember when Bates said it that it was a putdown, but I couldn't hear it clearly. And I amended the post's Eton quote by Sir Robert to add the end of the quote which you provided.

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