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There's a guy named Darren Home who says he played the lead role in "Fortune and Men's Eyes" in 1987 in San Diego and then the company went to NY for an Off-Broadway performance. I can't find any evidence of this. Is he bluffing? Got any ideas?


If youvedone a Google or Bingsearch and itdidnt turn up anything Id say hes bluffing. Of course, you can always ask him for proof.


Darren Home didn't do anything of the sort. Nor did he serve in the army. He didn't make it past basic training. He didn't graduate from San Diego State. In fact, he took only a couple of classes before dropping out. He was living in Campbell during the time he says he was a star in New York. I know this because I was involved with him during that time period. He tends to fabricate experience.


I know the Darren Home story. He lived in San Diego at the time and worked with someone who had a play from San Diego go off Broadway but it wasn't this one. However, the same man who produced that show also was involved with this one and a local actress also made the trek out to New York that worked with them as well. Darren did not go. He knew enough about what was happening with the two co-workers and did have some involvement in the theater community in San Diego but he just attached his name to it to more than likely try and impress this Theresa lady. He's never acted in anything more impressive than a local vaudeville dinner theater in the Bay Area that he was only in because his wife owned it.

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