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A Gay Laff Riot - Funny, Campy Postcards

If you're undecided about whether someone is gay, show them the following cards and if they don't crack a smile, you have your answer.


When I moved to New York in 1979 there was a card store on Christopher St. called Greetings and it was chockablock with campy, irreverent cards.  This one here was one of the best.  34 years later it still makes me chortle with delight.




40 years after the publication of Erica Jong's Fear of Flying ...




This scene from a classic episode of I Love Lucy is from a book of pre-paid postcards issued by the US Postal Service a few years ago that honored personalities of classic TV.




How true ...




It seemed somehow fitting that I found this postcard discarded on a sidewalk.




Leave it to drag performer Mimi Imfurst to tackle such a controversial role ...




Any postcard with Joan Crawford on it (or Faye Dunaway as Joan) is guaranteed to elicit a smile from any card-carrying homosexual.




This card came out shortly after the word "metrosexual" entered the lexicon at the the turn of the 21st century.




His donning of gay apparel should have been her tip off (this was a Christmas card) ...




From The New Yorker, for the benefit of its BDSM readership.




Ads from the 1930s and 1940s are a goldmine for campy re-interpretation ...




As Peggy Lee might ask, "Is that all there is to a muscle hunk?"  And I'm sure we all have our own stories of disappointment ...




After taking her first draw from one of those "funny" cigarettes, her Midwestern virtue went out the window.  Thus began the Bohemian adventures of a ...




 No doubt fueled by a vodka stinger ...




Another classic from my favorite card store (RIP).  The flip side of this card identifies the dog walker as "Miss Dish".




If you liked this, you may also enjoy a post in a similar vein:  What Tickles a Gay Man's Funny Bone.



I would love to re post this entry on my own website will that be okay

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