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Jerry & George Mistaken as Gay Couple on "Seinfeld" (February 11, 1993)

Jerry_and_george So many episodes of Seinfeld can be considered "classic", but the episode that aired on Feb. 11, 1993 is a classic among classics.  A young woman overhears Jerry and George at the coffee shop, and from their banter she thinks they're a gay couple.  Later, her assumption appears correct when she visits Jerry to interview him for the NYU student newspaper and finds George there as well - bickering with Jerry like a married couple.  The episode was the source of the catch phrase, "Not that there's anything wrong with that".  It was spoken throughout the episode after every vehement denial by Jerry or George.  (They said it so their friends wouldn't think they were homophobic.)


Seinfeld_gay_episode Just as things appeared to have been "straightened" out (Jerry and the reporter ended up going on a date), George tried to use his mistaken orientation as a way to break up with a woman he was dating.  As is usually the case with George, his plan backfired - Jerry lost the girl, George couldn't shake his and more hilarity ensued.  And, of course, the last line of the episode (this time spoken by Kramer) was ...


Seinfeld_season4 Unfortunately, the clip I wanted to include can't be shared.  However, you can find the episode in the Season 4 DVD (which includes the classic "Bubble Boy" and "The Contest" episodes.)




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