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Krystle & Alexis Engage in Nasty Catfight on "Dynasty" (April 13, 1983)

Krystle_and_alexisHeterosexual males have had plenty of memorable heavyweight boxing matches throughout the years to get their blood boiling, e.g., Ali v. Frasier and Patterson v. Johansson to name just a few.  But on the night of April 13, 1983, we gays got our "fight of the century" when Dynasty's Krystle and Alexis went at it with each other and ended up flailing about in a lily pond on the Carrington estate.  When Krystle's husband Blake pulls her out of the pond he has these choice words for her:


"No matter what the provocation is, I will NOT have my wife acting this way.  A common brawl in a lily pond - with HER!  You look like a couple of female mud wrestlers!"  (To view this clip doubleclick here.)  


This was just one of a number of nasty altercations between Krystle and Alexis during Dynasty's nine seasons, but it is perhaps the most cherished of them all.  Drag queens especially love to re-enact it during the summer months.  This brings to mind another classic catfight that involved water - the scene from Valley of the Dolls in which Neely O'Hara (played by Patty Duke) pulls off Helen Lawson's wig (played by Susan Hayward) during a fight in the lounge of a fine restaurant's ladies room and then triumphantly tosses it into the toilet.














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