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Boris Twahtpoht

Way back in the 1970's,gays had few rights,no voice and no real visibility.Fire Island served as their great "Summer-Escape" from NYC and their largely invisible and closeted lives way back in the 1970's. That began to change the following year,in 1977,when Anita Bryant reared her ugly head from the swamp.The mediocre singer and beauty queen was best known as the Florida orange juice spokesperson. However,her "Drunk-on-Jesus" mission called: "Save Our Children" sought to repeal recently won gay rights protections for gays in Miami's Dade County,Florida.She was met with wide approval from the Christian-right,as she painted a picture of gay men as perverts,potential pedophiles and sex-maniacs ! Spear-heading the effort to smoke-out,expose, and fire all suspected homosexuals from their jobs as teachers...because they were recruiting minors into their "deviant-lifestyle" and "might" molest them ! All in the name of her sacred "Religious Values" and false-morality.For the first time, gays across the country stood-up,fought back and confronted this witch...head on ! Her career was ultimately destroyed,her husband left her,she had a nervous breakdown and went into hiding. So you see,...Karma is real,after all !

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